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At Great Plains HQ, we associate the month of May with many things: washing our face in the morning dew, the start of unending sunshine and the confidence to leave the house in the morning with bare legs and no coat.

It’s also the best time for a pre-holiday, holiday. The temperature is just right both at home and abroad and the beaches remain uncrowded and calm, before the season embarks. As if it were a mirage, we were daydreaming about beach strolls and city trips when this plush woven tote floated into our consciousness.

The navy and white pattern has a bohemian feel, like one of those treasured keepsakes you might have found in Morocco or at a flea market in San Francisco. It’s spacious, versatile, cool…although we could wax lyrical all day long, here’s 5 reasons why it’s a must-have piece.

  1. The long rectangular shape has space for everything. You can fit in your laptop, magazines, a towel...the list is endless.
  2. Tan leather top handles actually sit on your shoulder, so it’s comfortable to carry from the airport to the beach and back again.
  3. It’s one thing having space for all your worldly possessions, but what about when you’re fumbling for to pay for your iced Americano or trying to find your keys? The slick internal slot pocket solves that problem.
  4. Summer is all about bohemian beach cool and the ethnic-inspired pattern nails it. It’s statement without being shouty, too, so it’s easy to style.
  5. The navy and white contrast = it will go with everything. Seriously, everything.

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