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Womens Fashion Hacks

The ultimate fashion hacks every woman needs to know - Discover the foolproof tips and tricks that will help you keep your staples looking and feeling fresh.

  1. Prevent your tights from laddering by spraying them with hairspray
  2. Remove oil stains from leather with baby powder
  3. Use baby shampoo to hand-wash your cashmere knitwear
  4. Soften t-shirts by soaking them in salt water for 3 days then wash normally
  5. Stop your mohair jumpers from shedding by sealing them in a plastic bag and placing in the freezer for a minimum of three hours.
  6. Remove sweat stains by spritzing lemon juice on affected areas before washing
  7. Clean dirt off suede by rubbing with a stale crust of bread
  8. Fix stuck zippers by rubbing it with a graphite pencil tip or vaseline
  9. Break in shoes by wearing them with socks and blasting the upper with a hairdryer
  10. Remove leather handbag or jacket scratches with moisturiser

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