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Whether your luggage of choice is a compact carry-on or a spacious suitcase, master the art of holiday packing with the help of our packing-perfect guide.

  1. Opt for the lightest luggage you can find, when empty, to limit excess-luggage fees on departure.
  2. Save on luggage space by travelling in your heaviest clothing, shoes, accessories and any other holiday essentials you’re hoping to bring.
  3. Stick to one holiday-wardrobe colour palette that consists of three shades to guarantee complete outfit harmony.
  4. Say no to folding. Roll, roll and continue rolling your holiday clothes instead. (Avoid silk-like pieces that will easily crease.)
  5. Bring a sarong – it will double up as a plane pillow, scarf, turban, beach towel…etc…
  6. Invest in a versatile day-to-night dress.
  7. Pack your socks and lingerie in your hat to retain its shape.
  8. For a time-saving tip: buy clear wash bags.
  9. Stick to two pairs of shoes: x1 for daytime, x1 for evening.
  10. Leave your shampoo, conditioner and body wash at home, grab yours in duty free to save extra suitcase space.

Have a lovely holiday!

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