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Make sure your feet are ready for sandals season

Get your feet summer-ready for open-toe sandals and slingback espadrilles with our quick tips to healthy-looking tootsies.

  1.  Soak your feet in a bath of lemon juice and tea tree oil. Lemon will tackle any discoloured toe nails whilst the tea tree oil acts as an antiseptic.
  2.  Buff feet with an exfoliating scrub and once these have been patted dry, scrub any dry calluses and cracked heels with a foot file.
  3.  Push back cuticles and clip off any excess.
  4. Trim and file toe nails into a rounded shape.
  5. Moisturise with an ultra-nourishing foot cream or mask.
  6. ...and polish them up – opt for punchy summer-ready nail polishes to get you in the holiday mood.

(Image via pixabay.com)

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