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With thermometers in London rising to a balmy 16 degrees this week (practically tropical by recent standards) it’s beginning to feel as if spring is well and truly on its way. But if there is anything we’ve learnt it’s that the British weather is nothing if not unpredictable. So whilst we keep everything crossed for sunny skies this weekend, layers are the order of the day when it comes to clever dressing.

Whatever you have planned, our weekend edit will take you easily from morning through to evening (with the added bonus of keeping you dry during the occasional shower). 

The Edit

01 Paige Parka £120 / 02 Kiki Jumper £65 / 03 Emily Jeans £60 / 04 Dobby Blouse £65 / 05 Scribble Skirt £60 / 06 Sienna Jacket £95 / 07 Stripe Dress £60 / 08 Lucia Jacket £90 / 09 Coco Jumper £55

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