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Linen is undoubtedly the go-to fabric of the summer season and with a multitude of styles to choose from there’s a shape for any occasion. We’ve narrowed down our top picks and the key features of our new favourite fabric.


Linen clothing is often favoured in summer because of its ability to keep the wearer cool. The structure of the flax fibres allows for more airflow than other fabrics, creating a more breathable garment. It’s also a good heat conductor; the porous weave allows heat to escape quickly from the body. With this in mind it’s an obvious choice for warmer temperatures; pack a few pieces in your suitcase if you’re heading to sunny climates.


With 2-3 times the strength of cotton, linen pieces are known for their durability and strength as the fibres don’t stretch; it’s actually one of the few fibres that is stronger wet than dry. Relatively easy to take care of, linen is best suited to machine or hand washing over dry cleaning. Avoid very hot temperatures however, cold or warm washes suit pure linen better and will avoid the colour fading.


Linen’s wearable nature means it can be transformed into a myriad of product types, from lightweight tops and dresses to structured blazers and suits. Try a loose-fitting smock dress or tunic for a summer day or a more tailored trouser or skirt for a summer workwear staple. Why not update your cotton essentials with a linen version? A plain white T-shirt or long sleeved top will stand you in good stead for the whole season.

Women's Linen Clothing Edit

01. Lara V Neck Dress  /  02. Layla Skirt  /  03. Lara Tunic  /  04. Lindy T-Shirt  /  05. Layla Trousers  /  06. Layla Smock Dress  /  07. Luset Jumper

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