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During this uncertain period, we are all reflecting on what we would usually be getting up to, especially on our days off at the weekend. Celebrating the weekend in style with our favourite cocktail in hand doesn’t have to stop because we are stuck at home, so why not bring the bar to your kitchen and create your own drinks menu.

We have selected some of our most loved cocktails and we want to share them with you. Pick out your favourite outfit and start making the drink of your choice.

Whiskey Smash Cocktail


3 fresh strawberries, hulled

8 fresh mint leaves

½ lemon, juice

2 oz. whiskey (your choice)

1 oz. simple syrup

Crushed ice

2 tsp sugar

Lemon wedge


For all the whiskey drinkers here is a twist on the original whiskey smash cocktail. Grab your cocktail shaker and add in your strawberries and mint. Using the back of a wooden spoon blend the two ingredients together. 

Continue by adding in some lemon juice, your whiskey of choice and some syrup. Seal the lid and shake for 60 seconds. Fill your chosen glass with crushed ice and then pour in your cocktail. Add in more ice and garnish with a lemon wedge or mint.

Cucumber & Mint Spritz



6 slices cucumber

10 mint leaves

2 ounces gin

8-10 ounces prosecco or other white sparkling wine

Extra mint leaves and cucumber slices for garnish


This is the perfect cocktail for summer evenings whilst the sun is still in the sky. First start by adding mint leaves, cucumber slices and gin to a cocktail shaker. Use a wooden spoon to crush and mix the mint, cucumber and gin and then let sit for 5 minutes.

Strain into two glasses of your choice and pour up to 4-5 ounces of prosecco into each glass. Add some mint leaves and fresh slices of cucumber to garnish and some ice cubes, enjoy!



25ml of gin of your choice

25ml Campari

25ml Sweet vermouth


This cocktail is simple to create but might not be to everyone's taste. Start by adding a few blocks of ice into a mixing glass of your choice. Continue to add in all three ingredients and stir until they are blended. To finish garnish with an orange twist or slice and enjoy!



Ice Cubes & crushed ice

50ml gin

25ml lemon juice

¾ tbsp sugar syrup

¾ tbsp crème de mure

1 lemon


The classic Bramble is on many drinks menu. Grab your cocktail shaker and add your gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup in and pack the shaker with ice. Give the mixer a good shake and then strain into a glass of your choice that is filled with crushed ice.

To complete your bramble drizzle some liqueur over the ice and garnish with a lemon, the classic bramble is ready to serve.



50ml of rum of your choice

½ fresh lime

12 fresh mint leaves

2 spoonfuls of caster sugar

Soda water

Cubed and crushed ice 


The classic mojito is one of the most popular cocktails on the menu. Start by cutting your lime into 4 wedges and add them and the sugar into a glass and muddle them together this will create the lime juice for your mojito.

Next, grab your mint leaves in one hand and drop them into the glass with the other ingredients and start blending the mint into the lime juice. Half fill the glass with your crushed ice, pour in the rum of your choice and stir until the sugar dissolves. Garnish with a splash of soda water and some mint leaves. 

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