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Now more than ever due to the circumstances, people are working from home and learning how to create a new 9-5 routine without picking up any bad habits along the way. Working from home may sound like a luxury but trying to stay productive is definitely easier said than done.

We have selected the best WFH tips and hope that if you are struggling to get into a routine then this will help you for the future. 

Start your morning off right

Starting the day off right when WFH can either make or break your mood for the rest of the day. Seize the time in the morning that you would usually spend commuting to the office and do a home workout or go for a quick morning run. You may feel like avoiding home workouts especially in the morning but we promise you will feel great when it comes to starting work.

If you really are not a morning person why not spend your time creating a schedule for the day ahead. This will help you prioritise different tasks and keep you organised.

Get ready for the day

It is important that when you are WFH that you get up, get ready for a “normal” day at work and set up your workspace so you can work comfortably for the rest of the day. The idea of working in bed may sound dreamy but it can get you into a bad routine so stay at your desk.

Swap your PJ's over to either your favourite gym gear or lounge-wear to make you feel more awake and ready for your working day. 

Create a Podcast playlist

WFH can become lonely as you can’t just chat with your colleagues across your desk so we recommend creating a playlist of your favourite podcasts. Feel less alone by listening to “The Happiness Lab” a thirty-minute podcast created to change your mindset on happiness, or perhaps a podcast to keep you up to date with the latest fashion trends such as “Fashion No Filter” hosted by Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley.

Remember to take regular breaks

When we are working in the office it is normal to go to the kitchen to make multiple cups of coffee and have chats along the way, so make sure you’re getting those screen time breaks at home also. Try and avoid going on social media and take yourself away from your workspace. 

Stay in touch with your co-workers

Staying in touch with your co-workers will help create some sort of normality at this uncertain time. Use online meeting tools to create conference calls and share your screens to make it feel like you are sitting in the office. Communicating with co-workers will help speed up your day.

Separate your ‘work’ environment and ‘home’ environment

This tip is crucial to keeping your work routine structured and feeling as normal as possible. Make sure to set work hours and have a distinct workspace. 

When your working day is complete make sure to take yourself away and leave your laptop there. Avoid checking your emails or anything work-related. This will help you relax and feel like you have left your office for the evening.

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