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Another working week was over which meant one thing, a spontaneous drink at Bar Swift was a must to start the weekend perfectly. Found on Old Compton Road and the sister venue of the famous bars, The Night Jar and The Oriole, Bar Swift is known for its distinctive layout between their upstairs and downstairs bars which gave us the option to decide what type of night we'd like to have.

We were greeted by a stylish mirrored standing bar, with a menu providing a wide range of appetisers and unique cocktails. The experienced bartenders were on hand to give us some suggestions on what cocktail would suit our taste buds - and their expertise knew no bounds. 

We started off with two popular cocktails – the Old Compton which was sweet and full of flavour and the Jackdaw which was bitter and enjoyable in equal measures. The appetiser menu was compact and simple, meaning that fussing was not an option and choosing the wrong appetiser wasn’t possible. We ordered two small plates to share which were rock oysters served alongside Nikkei sauce and a Guinness Welsh Rarebit with caramelised onion and sourdough toast and it was safe to say we were definitely not disappointed.

A few more cocktails in, we decided that we were enjoying the atmosphere so much that we would move to the downstairs bar and see how things differed. We placed ourselves at the bar admiring the outstanding whiskey collection and the lengthy cocktail list that Bar Swift had on show. 

We quickly decided that we couldn’t come to Bar Swift and not get their famous Irish coffee. The combination of Jameson, Demerara syrup, coffee, cream and nutmeg creates a exquisite drink. Sipping on our Irish coffees, people watching and enjoying the live jazz music, we couldn’t think of a better cocktail bar to be in right at that moment.

Bar Swift is sophisticated and stylish, the relaxed atmosphere makes it accessible for everyone and it is proving itself to be one of the leading bars on London’s cocktail map. We'll see you again soon, Bar Swift!

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