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Plants are an instant way to update office space. Not only do they inject life into your 9 to 5 environment, but some also contain air-cleaning properties. Mood-boosting and aesthetically pleasing; what’s not to love? Read on for our top picks and top tips.

Aloe Vera

Perfect for a brighter office, Aloe Vera plants are best placed by a window for maximum sunlight. The leaves are full of gel that doubles as an excellent moisturizer for dry hands.


There is a reason that cacti have a reputation as being difficult to kill and it makes them an excellent choice for an office plant. Robust and resilient, they can survive most environments and need minimal watering, perfect for the time-stretched.

English Ivy

Another hardy plant, English Ivy grows well in most environments. Bear in mind that although it will grow slowly for the first year or so, it will spread quickly the more established it becomes. Grow in a pot with a stake for it to climb, or try a hanging basket if there’s room in your workplace.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily, named for its characteristic white flowers, is another excellent choice of indoor plant as it grows in medium to low light. Take care not to overwater the peace lily, it’s one of the most common mistakes in caring for them.

How To Care For Your Office Plants

Top Tips

1. Spray don’t bathe

If succulents are your plant of choice, make sure to spray with water rather than watering fully. This keeps the soil moist and the leaves green. Keep in mind that over watering can be as harmful as under watering.

2. Preen to keep green

Deadhead and remove brown leaves to keep your plant healthy (and looking enviously lush to your colleagues)

3. The Right Light

The type of plant you choose will affect how much light it requires. Make sure to do your research; if your plant isn’t getting enough natural light leave it by the office windows over the weekend for an extra boost. Some plants can survive in artificial light so make sure your pot is well placed.

4. Last but definitely not least…

Nominate a desk buddy for when you’re on annual leave - someone’s got to keep your new desk plant alive.

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