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Sweeping the bestsellers and must-read pages is this gripping, unique and hypnotic book about family relationships, female sexuality and pent up internal issues being released onto its pages.

This prose by Deborah Levy was shortlisted for the Man Booker and Goldsmiths prize in 2016 after consequently being dubbed as a strange, mesmerising and complex piece of prose filled with evocative language that will leave you gripped yet in awe.

The story follows a mother seemingly suffering from a strange illness of paralysis, a daughter at her beck and call, both finding themselves on the Spanish coast seeking the help of a controversial doctor with unusual methods, but who may just have the cure. As the narrative unravels, the intricate and intense lives of the women’s relationship become apparent as does the exploration of their intertwined womanhood.

Sofia is young, at 25 she has a degree in Anthropology and wants to start her own life, but has spent much of it trying to solve the mystery of her mother’s mysterious illness. Dr. Gomez is their last and only hope. Set in a scorching climate that seems to mirror both women’s burning desire to be free from a life they’re currently living and Sofia’s own sexual awakening, this story is utterly bewildering, vivid in description, psychologically spellbinding and richly weird.

At a mere 224 pages, this is book may be short but it’s poetic in its depth with plenty of emotion to unpack. This makes it the perfect piece to bring to your book club or read together amongst friends. With complex characters, relatable topics and extraordinary writing, this book will leave your group reeling for discussion. 

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