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Whether it’s a gift, an interior’s update, or the finishing touch to a festive soiree, there’s always a place for a candle in the home. The founders of Willow and Honey share their tips on winter scents and what to look for in the perfect gift.

Willow & Honey

How did Willow and Honey come about?

We are three of five siblings who started the venture in 2014 after our Dad’s battle with a very aggressive and life threatening illness earlier that year.  Hannah, who was living in Australia at the time, left her Aussie life behind and moved her family back to the UK to spend precious family time with Mum, Dad and Luce.

Whilst the idea was initially to start a venture which would act as a positive focus during difficult and emotional times, it proved to be so much more and has gone from strength to strength.

Dad was the greatest supporter and champion of Willow and Honey, not to mention a skilled 'wick sticker' and 'overseas sales rep'!  Shortly before he sadly died in May 2017 he expressed how dearly he wanted Willow and Honey to grow from strength to strength and be the success he always believed it could be. What better driving force to move us forward in the months and years to come. 

Willow and Honey English Rose

What inspires you when creating new scents and products? 

We are extremely passionate about producing scents which evoke memories from the happy times in our lives.   The sense of smell is such an emotionally powerful one - and so personal too. What we find works best is to trust in our own memories that are stirred up from the scents.  Our aim is to create a complete package of luxury where the whole experience is an indulgent but affordable one.  It’s so exciting creating new and imaginative illustrations for the range and the feedback we get makes all the hard work so worthwhile.  

Willow and Honey Fragrances

Do you have any favourites?

For the winter time the Spiced Orange is such a winner. It’s basically Christmas in a candle! For the rest of the year the deliciously fruity French Pear and Freesia is the one we tend to have dotted around the house.  For the men in our family the Cuban Tobacco & Oak diffuser has been a real favourite.

Willow and Honey Spiced Orange

What scents do you suggest for winter? 

Obviously for the Christmas period the Spiced Orange fits the bill but, as a general ‘winter warmer’, the woody scent of the Lemon Leaf & Amber creates a delicious backdrop to any long winter evening. With it’s softly crackling wooden wick and musky base of amber, red cedar and frankincense it’s as if the fire’s already lit! 

Willow and Honey Candles

Buying candles online can be tricky, particularly for presents. Are there any fail safe scents or scent combinations that always make a great gift?

Over the last few years we’ve found that the Black Pomegranate seems to be an all-time favourite with both men and women. In our view the more natural the description, the more likely the scent is to work all round. Too many fussy combinations should be avoided as there’s more opportunity for the elements to clash.  

Willow and Honey Room Diffuser

Lastly, how will you be spending Christmas this year?

Despite all five siblings living in all four corners of the world, the whole family will be at our Mum and Dad’s this Christmas (so only twenty one of us!) plus a few more in-laws.  Mum always describes their house as having elastic walls! 

It will be the first Christmas’s without our darling Dad so a poignant one for everyone. Dad was always the life and soul of every gathering - a perfect husband, Dad and ‘Bumpa’. We will do our utmost to recreate the happy family times he and Mum created for us over the years and be grateful for the amazing family that we have.

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