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With the New Year looming, now is the perfect time to enhance your home, lifestyle regime or wardrobe to begin the year as you mean it to go on.

From revamping your home to achieving the ultimate capsule wardrobe, we’ll bring you plenty of inspirational ideas throughout the month to kick-start your New Year, the right way.

This week, we show you 7 ways to make your home feel new for 2017. Keep scrolling to discover more…

New Year's Resolutions - Add Greenery

1. Add Greenery

Breathe new life into your home by bringing the outdoors indoors. From leafy houseplants to floral arrangements, indoor greenery will bring plenty of benefits into your home including more colour, increased productivity whilst also boosting your skin and immune system. Yes please.

New Year's Resolutions - Pops of colour

2. Introduce Pops of Colour

Immerse yourself in positivity by introducing bursts of colour into your home. From rugs tothrows, this year’s selection is highly-pigmented to uplift your mood.

New Year's Resolutions - Kitchenware

3. Invest in New Kitchenware

There’s nothing more satisfying than equipping your kitchen with new crockery and tableware. Lazy Sunday brunch at home has never looked so good.

New Years Resolutions - Reading Material

4. Score Fresh Reading Material that Inspires

Whether it’s the latest fiction reads, must-have coffee books or monthly magazines, surround yourself with inspirational reading material to bring the best out of you in the New Year.

New Years Resolutions - Lights

5. New Lights

The quickest and sure-fire way to make your home look and feel new is by changing the light fixtures.

New Year's Resolutions - Room for You

6. Make Room for You

Designate an area in your home that is completely yours – not including your bedroom. Whether it’s for reading, pampering or practicing new hobbies, it’s important to make space for a spot of ‘me time’.

New Years Resolutions - Bedside Table

7. Organise your Bedside Table

Tidy bedside table (and draw) = tidy life. Begin this year’s big spring clean early by clearing out your bedside table – only keeping the bare essentials and items that make you happy.

Cheers to a fresh year, fresh home.